• Mindset

    Release self-doubt, master your energy, and uncover the confidence and clarity you need to design your dream business.

  • Goal Setting

    Discover the power of goal setting "from the heart," and create extraordinary results, without compromising your life.

  • Action Planning

    Learn the art of subtraction. Embrace simplicity and structure, and enjoy the freedom and success you've been seeking!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Anything is Possible

    • Introduction: Anything is Possible

  • 2

    Mindset: The importance of Mindset in Goal Setting

    • Belief systems around money/income/success

    • Gratitude as the antidote to Fear/Limiting beliefs

    • Energy Management- how to actively manage activities/tasks to manage energy and get best results

    • Time Tracker.PDF

    • Financial Thermostat.PDF

  • 3


    • People

    • People.PDF

    • Experiences

    • Experiences.PDF

    • Skills and Learning

    • Skills & Learning.PDF

    • Life

    • Life.PDF

  • 4

    Vision: How to figure out what really matters to you

    • 3 words: share story of why/how it anchors you

    • 3 Words. PDF

    • Vision: explain/provide asset

    • Vision.PDF

    • Affirmations

    • Affirmations.PDF

  • 5

    Goal Setting: How to set goals from the heart vs. the head

    • Reflection on last year's production

    • Top 10 goals: "You can't exceed your own expectations"

    • Banner 3: Why? Reminder about tangible/intangible

    • Goals In Review.PDF

    • Business Plan_Template.PDF

    • Business Plan_Example.PDF

  • 6

    Action Plan: How to Make your Dreams a Reality

    • Writing "rules" for winning the day/week/month/year

    • Ideal Schedule

    • Tracking progress

    • Ideal Schedule_Template.PDF

    • Ideal Schedule_Example.PDF

  • 7


    • Conclusion


Erin Bradley

From flat broke to 6 figures, and then to burnout, Erin Bradley has been through it all. Erin operates under the mindset that you never give up, and you never settle, in life or in business. Anything is possible when you have the right mindset, great systems, and an amazing team. And she’s on a mission to help you believe in, and achieve, your biggest dreams! Erin is committed to having both time AND financial freedom, and strongly believes you actually can have it all. Through the Pursuing Freedom podcast, blog, book, and online courses, Erin and her team strive to provide education and strategies to help you create a personalized game plan for YOUR success, and more importantly, your happiness! Remember: “The goal is to build a life you don't need a vacation from." Let's make it happen!

What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to get clear on what you want, push through your fears, and create the business and life of your dreams! Welcome aboard!